The Drawing tools

You can use any of these tools to draw lines and shapes:

  • The Freehand & BrushTool ("F3").
  • The Straight Line Tool
  • The Shape Tool ("F4").
  • The Shape Painter Tool

The Freehand & Brush Tool is the easiest way to draw simple lines, curves, and shapes, and it acts rather like a pencil.

The Straight Line & Arrow Tool is best if you want to draw single segment straight lines, or add arrow heads and tails to any types of lines.

The Shape Tool is best for drawing precise curves and lines. It is also the main tool to edit lines and shapes.

The Shape Painter Tool (Designer Pro and Photo & Graphic Designer  only) allows you to draw new shapes, or extend existing shapes, by 'painting' on the page with a round or elliptical 'nib'.

Note: Although it is not in the Drawing Tools toolbar, you can also use the Pen Tool to create precise shapes. It has limited functionality and works like the line tool of other drawing programs. To use the Pen Tool, choose Control Bars from the Window menu and click the Button Palette checkbox. Then click the Pen Tool icon in the Button Palette.



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