Where can I find movies, guides and tutorials

You can find comprehensive support resources in this Help&Support center accessed at any time via Help in the product, or online at https://helpandsupport.xara.com/. Click the Filter (top right toolbar) to filter by product and then browse through the topics and knowledgebase articles, or use Search (top right) to quickly find the information you need.


In addition our Resource Index includes a full list of tutorials & movies produced by Xara, either browse by product or search by keyword. And there are plenty of additional resources:



The Xara Xone contains a large number of tutorials from both Xara and many community members (plus Featured Artists, Free Stuff and more): https://www.xaraxone.com/


For videos and movies check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/XaraVideo

The Xara Designer Pro playlist

The Web Designer playlist

The Photo & Graphic Designer playlist

You can also access the movies from within your product via Help > Movies.

TalkGraphics.com - graphics forums and galleries

Last but never least, TalkGraphics is our public forum, where support can be provided by other members of the Xara community 24/7: https://www.talkgraphics.com/



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