How do I publish via SFTP or FTPS?

It is possible to upload via SFTP and FTPS to your host. Uploading to SFTP or FTPS works exactly the same as normal publishing, but simply uses a secure connection.

1. Go to Utilities > Web Properties > Publish tab or click the  Publish button.

2. Click on "Other Web Host" settings.


3. Change the "Connect Using" dropdown box to the type of connection you want to use, and fill out the rest of your publish options as normal.


Important notes about FPTS / SFTP

Port Number

Xara will publish to port 22 by default when uploading via SFTP, and 21 for FTPS. This is the default port for secure FTP connections, however some hosts may change this for security reasons. In order to publish to a custom port, simply enter colon and the port number at the end of the FTP address, like so:

This example shows the port being changed to 20123 (note: this is a random number, your host will very likely give you a different port number)

Connection Details

Some hosts may have different connection details for SFTP than standard FTP, and others may support one type of secure connection and not the other. Please confirm with your host what type of secure connection they support and what your details are for it. If you try to connect using the right details, but wrong connection type then it's likely you will receive a timeout or similar error.



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