The color models

Color models let you define a color in terms of different color components. RGB and HSV are typically used for screen use. If you know your document is going to be printed and require very specific CMYK color values, then you can use CMYK colors.

Unlike some graphics software, Xara allows you to mix clor models in the same document.

Models provided by Xara are:

  • RGB (Red–Green–Blue),
  • CMYK (Cyan–Magenta–Yellow–Key) (Designer Pro, Photo & Graphic Designer and Page & Layout Designer only)
  • HSV (Hue–Saturation–Value),
  • Grayscale.

RGB and HSV colors are stored in 24-bit format. This gives you 16.7 million possible colors.

CMYK colors are stored in 32-bit format. When printed or output as EPS or PDF they are output in CMYK format.


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