Sync files with Dropbox and Google Drive

Xara Designer can now sync files via Dropbox and Google Drive. These services provide free file storage in the Cloud, and a small desktop utility that can be installed on your PC that will automatically sync files saved on your hard disk to the cloud.

Designer will notice if files have changed, and will automatically reload updated files. It means that you can have the same file open on multiple computers, and if you make an edit, and save the file, then it will be updated in Designer on the other computers. Further, using cloud based file sharing, you can share the file with someone else, and whenever they edit the file and save, your version will be updated, and vice versa.

This does not solve the problem of edit clashes. So if you edit the file and at the same time someone else edits the same file, then Designer will tell you there has been an edit and give you the choice of opening the updated file in a new document.



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