Opening an existing document

To open an existing document:

  • Drag & drop a file. Select the file in Windows Explorer or on your desktop, and drag it over an existing open document to import it into that document, or any other part of the Designer window to open the document.
  • Or double click a Designer file.
  • Or to open a recently used file, select it from "File" > "Open recent"
  • Or select "File" > "Open" (shortcut "Ctrl + O").
  • Or click the Open button on the standard control bar.

The open dialog will be displayed. The dialog allows multiple file selection, "Ctrl + click" to select several files or "Shift + click" to select a range of files.

As in Explorer windows, you can switch the file display to a detailed or thumbnail view with this button

If Show preview in the upper right corner is checked, the selected file is shown in an even bigger preview (this does not work for a multiple file selection).


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