Effects & Plug-ins tab

This page describes the Effects & Plug-ins tab of the Utilities, Options dialog.

For more on Live Effects refer to Live Effects.

Photoshop Plug-ins

Clicking Setup lets you add and remove folders of Live Effects plug-ins. Note, Xara supports many of the most popular 32 bit plug-ins but does not currently support 64 bit plugins.


Here you can set the default resolution of Live Effects and locked effects.

New Effects Are Locked By Default

This will make any Live Effects you create locked by default, so they will not change if you move or resize them.

Default Live Effect resolution

If a Live Effect resolution is set to Automatic, then any Live Effects on an object will, by default, be produced at screen resolution. If you wish to print your design you can set one Live Effect to a higher DPI and all effects on that object (as long as the other effects are set to automatic) will automatically be rendered at the highest DPI. It won't then be necessary to alter each effect one by one. Or you can set a different default in this window, and all Live Effects will be created at that resolution.

Default Locked effect resolution

This is the default resolution for locked effects. If you wish to change the DPI of a locked effect, you need to recreate that effect. Please note: this only applies to locked effects, and does not apply to a locked Live Effect.


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