Internet tab

This page describes the Internet tab of the Utilities > Options dialog of Designer Pro and Photo & Graphic Designer.

Internet Cache

When Xara Designer downloads gallery items from the Internet, it stores them in a reserved area of disk memory called a "cache". When Xara uses these items in the future, it can load them directly from the cache, which is much more efficient than downloading over the Internet.

Cache Usage indicates the amount of cache space currently in use. This gives an idea as to whether the cache size is correct. That is, if cache usage is consistently nearing 100% the cache size should be increased if possible. A larger cache size does not affect the program adversely or take up unnecessary space on the drive. We recommend a cache size of 15 - 20 MB. The minimum cache size is 500KB, the maximum is the free space on the drive when the size is set. Anything outside these limits generates an error. You can type in byte values directly (800000). For kilobytes or megabytes, follow the value with K or M (500K or 8M).

The Empty Cache button removes all files from the cache except a few essential data files needed by Xara (this means that cache usage might not return to 0% after emptying). To use a file that has been removed from the cache, you have to download it again.

Connection Type

Over faster modems, ISDN, and networks, Xara can speed up downloads by using multiple connections. These multiple connections are invisible to you and you just see an increase in speed.

If you connect to the internet using a dial-up modem, select the appropriate speed option. If you are not sure about your modem, use the default setting. If you connect to the Internet using broadband (like ADSL or cable), select dual ISDN or better.

Proxy Server Settings

If your computer is using an Internet proxy, then it will list its details here. This information is not relevant to most users.


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