The Local Designs Gallery

This gallery is a local offline repository of content imported from the Online Content Catalog. As the name implies, this now shows only content that you have present locally on your device, or was downloaded from the Content Catalog. This makes it easier to find and access designs you use regularly.

To open this gallery:

  • Click the Local Designs Gallery tab on the Galleries bar.
  • Or choose "Utilities" > "Galleries" > "Designs Gallery".

The top level folders are divided into up to 7 main categories.

  • First Look
  • Components
  • Websites (in Web Designer and Designer Pro)
  • Print (in Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro)
  • Social Media
  • Presentations (in Web Designer and Designer Pro)
  • E-Books (in Designer Pro)

Add more content by browsing through the folders and clicking on + More online... This will open the relevant folder category in the Online Content Catalog for you to browse and import content to the Local Designs Gallery. The folder structure in the Local Designs Gallery mirrors that of the Online Content Catalog and each folder in the gallery has a link allowing you to jump straight into the corresponding folder in the Content Catalog, so you can easily view what other content is available for download into that folder. Whenever you open or import a design file from the Catalog, that file then appears in the Gallery and so you can use it even when offline. The freshly imported item is also opened in your current document as well.

To open a template or piece of content from the Gallery as a new document double-click on it. To import it into your current open document, drag it and drop it into your design. Page templates are added as new pages to your current document when you do this. Other templates and widgets are dropped onto your current page.

See Document Handling for more information on using galleries generally.


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