PDF Export Filter Settings: Pre-Press Options

The Pre-Press tab includes items for specifying characterization settings and the embedding of ICC (International Color Consortium) color profiles for print production.

ICC profiles are files containing data that specifies how colors are to be rendered on a particular output device. The use of an ICC profile is mandatory for PDF/X documents, optional for CMYK-based PDF documents and not applicable for all other types of PDF documents.

Specifying an ICC profile of use in PDF/X documents:

Output Intent Profiles

When generating a PDF/X document for print production, output intent profile settings based on an ICC profile must be specified in order to ensure that the output is rendered properly on the intended output device. Xara includes presets for the most popular output intent profiles used in North America, Europe, and Japan. To specify the use of one of the preset output intent profiles, simply select it from the list.

Custom Output Intent Profiles

If the output intent profile that is required for print production is not provided in the list provided with Xara Designer, it is possible to enter the desired output by selecting "Custom" in the intent profiles list. Here you may enter the optional Output Condition and the required Output Condition Identifier that corresponds to the output device.

Note that for PDF/X compliance, Custom profiles must be embedded in the resulting documents. Follow the instructions below for details on how to specify the location of ICC profiles.

ICC Profile Embedding

The Xara PDF filter includes provisions for embedding ICC files within a PDF document. An embedded ICC profile is required for a Custom output intent if the characterized printing condition is not in the registry of CMYK characterizations on the ICC web site (www.color.org).

The output intent profiles included with Xara, and any custom ICC profile that is embedded (under the View tab of the Options dialog) are embedded in the resulting PDF/X document.

To embed an ICC profile within a PDF document:

  1. Click the ellipses button [...] to select a file from within a file open dialog or type in the path of the file manually.
  1. Click Embed This Profile to include the ICC profile in the outgoing PDF document.

Note: Please be sure to consult with your print service bureau to determine the appropriate settings for all pre-press options.

Specifying an ICC profile of use in CMYK-based PDF documents: When a CMYK color model is selected for standard PDF documents a profile may be specified from the Output Intent Profiles list as a reference when performing the actual color conversion. The output intent profiles included with Xara Designer may be embedded in the resulting PDF document by clicking Embed this profile. If you wish to use a profile that is not included in the list of presets, specify a Custom profile as described above and select whether or not you wish to embed it in the document.


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