Skewing objects


This is part of the Selector Tool.

The original object,  and to the right with a horizontal skew

Skewing using the mouse

If you click a second time on an object that is already selected, the selection handles change to show rotation and skew handles. Each time you click, the handles toggle between the two modes. You can also change this mode using the  handle on the Selector Tool InfoBar. 



The InfoBar shows the current skew angle.

"Shift + drag" to skew the object around its center. Hold down "Ctrl" to restrict the skew to the constrain angles.

Tip: Right click, or press "+" on the numeric keypad as you drag to create a copy, leaving the original where it was. Or right-drag with the mouse to create instant copies, additional copies by left clicks.

Skewing using the InfoBar

To skew horizontally type an angle into the skew text box and press Return.

To skew vertically:

  1. Click the center-right button on the 3x3 matrix on the InfoBar.
  2. Type an angle into the skew text box and press Return. Positive values skew downwards, and negative upwards.



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