Moving Objects Between Layers

There are several ways to move objects between layers. First select the object or objects you want to move, then;

  • Cut the object ("Ctrl + X" or right click and Cut). Ensure the target layer is the current layer (shown with , click the layer if it's not) and then right click and choose Paste or Paste in Place. Note that if you cut or copy multiple items that are on different layers, the layer structure is preserved when you paste. Items are pasted to the same layer they were copied/cut from, instead of being pasted to the current layer. If you want to paste all such items to the current layer, ignoring the layer structure, use the Paste in current layer option instead. If you want to retain layer structure, choose Paste in place in current layer. These paste options are also in the clipboard fly-out bar on the top bar, as well as the Edit menu.
  • Right click and choose Arrange then Move to layer in front / Move to layer behind to shift the selected objects one layer up or down.
  • Ensure the target layer is selected as current, then find the selected item in the Page & Layer Gallery (click the Locate button), right click and select Move to Current Layer.


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