Clicking the Pages button on the top of the Page & Layer Gallery (or right clicking in the gallery and choosing Show page level) will open pages mode, displaying only the pages in the document and collapsing all other opened levels.

When in pages mode and the gallery is docked, the width of the gallery is reduced to its minimum, to take up as little space as possible. Also the number of buttons at the top of the gallery is cut down to just those applicable to pages. To leave pages mode, simply expand one of the pages to reveal its layers. The gallery returns to its full width and the full button set is restored.

You can select multiple pages in the gallery by Ctrl+clicking on pages to add them to the selection, or by holding Shift down to select a range of pages. Then you can copy, paste, delete or re-order multiple pages at once. You can also paste objects from your clipboard to the selected pages.

You can re-order pages by dragging on the selected pages in the Page & Layer Gallery, or by right clicking a page and choosing Move page up/down.

You can change the page transitions for multiple pages at once by first selecting them in the gallery and then changing the settings on the Page tab of the "Utilities" > "Web Properties" dialog. This is particularly useful to quickly change the page transition effect used for all pages in a presentation at once.

You can rename a page by right clicking it and choosing Rename page. As well as being a useful way to identify pages in long documents, the page name is used when exporting your document as a website.


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