Show All & Unlock All

These two controls on the top of the Page & Layer Gallery are a short-cut to show all items on the current page or unlock all items. They are a temporary override of all the individual object and layer settings. Clicking the controls again will restore the previous state. So this is a quick way of showing or unlocking everything, on all layers, performing some operation, and then restoring the previous state.

The Unlock all button is useful if you have a locked object on the canvas that you want to unlock, without having to first locate it in the Page & Layer Gallery. Turn on 'Unlock all', then right click on the object on the canvas and choose the Unlock option from the context menu. Then you can turn 'Unlock all' off again.

When either button is selected (the buttons are shown pressed in), then it's not possible to change the state of individual items. Un-select the buttons to enable the normal operation of the layer visibility and locking state.

Clicking the More button will display menu options to Show all on page and Unlock all on page.


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