Zero-memory Copies

One of the most revolutionary differences between Xara and other software is that when you copy any photo on the page, it doesn't really make a complete new copy of the original imported photo but instead just displays another 'view' of the original image. Xara's rendering engine is fast enough that it can display any number of copies of the same image 'on the fly' this way. This saves huge amounts of memory and dramatically reduces files sizes.

This doesn't detract or limit what you can do with each copy, and they can be treated as completely separate independent copies. Each copy does not have to be identical. You can manipulate each as required, resizing, rotating, cropping. coloring, feathering, or applying a wide range of photo and transparency effects. All for no memory or native file size increase.

This shows separate copies of the same image, each manipulated in a different way. Each retaining the full resolution of the original imported JPEG, as you can see from the right image. The memory (RAM and file size) is no more than the original JPEG size.



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