On screen printer plate previews

The process of printing requires that your artwork is separated into CMYK print colors. It can sometimes be useful to see and understand exactly what inks are printed on each printer plate, especially if using spot colors. Xara can show a simulation of the CMYK separation process on screen, showing a preview of each printer ink color separation. Normally this would be the four CMYK colors, but if you use spot colors you can preview these as well.

To preview any required plate or ink color, select "Window" > "Show Printer Colors" and the required ink color.

Simulating print colors on screen

Because printed colors are often a very different shade to those available on screen, Xara can adjust the screen color to more accurately simulate the printed color. Simply select "Window -> Show Printer Colors > Show Profiled Colors". See the section "Viewing Print Colors on Screen" in PANTONE Colors for more information.


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