The Selector Tool

The Selector Tool is the main tool for selecting, moving, scaling, and rotating objects. It is typically used more than any other tool and is the central tool for manipulating documents.

The Selector tool InfoBar - left side

Show edit handles

Show fill handles

Show Smart Duplication handles

Show rotation handles

Rotation center

Position of selection

Dimensions of selection

% size controls

Lock aspect ratio

The Selector tool InfoBar - right side

Rotate & Shear

Flip horizontal

Flip vertical

Scale line widths

Apply, remove or inspect names of objects

Perimeter and area indicator

To use the Selector Tool:

  • Click on the Selector Tool on the Main toolbar.
  • Or press "Alt + S", "V", or "F2".

When switching to the Selector Tool, if there are objects selected inside a group or other composite object type, the parent object (group) becomes selected instead.

The InfoBar

All the buttons on the InfoBar are described in the following sections except:

  • Show edit handles which is described in "Drawing Lines".
  • Show fill handles which is described in "Fills".
  • Apply, remove or inspect names of objects which is described in "Document handling".

The first two buttons let you edit the outlines and fills of objects without the need to switch tools.

Alt + S

Because the Selector Tool is the most used tool, there is an additional shortcut that lets you switch to the Selector Tool to perform a selection or other operation, and quickly switch back to the previous tool. If you are using another tool, you can easily switch to the Selector Tool:

  • Press and release "Alt + S" to switch to the Selector Tool. Press again to return to the previous tool.


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