Creating rectangles and squares

To create a rectangle

Use the Rectangle Tool ("Shift + F3", or "M"). On the main toolbar.

Click and drag on the canvas to draw a rectangle.

To create a square rather than a rectangle, hold down "Ctrl" while dragging.

You can also enter width and height dimensions in the Editable items menu on the InfoBar.


Creating rounded corner rectangles

To give your rectangle rounded corners, select it and then press the "Curved corners" button on the Rectangle Tool InfoBar.

You can then drag on the selection handles shown on the corners to adjust the diameter of the rounded corners.

You can resize rectangles using either the Rectangle Tool (by dragging on the handles shown at the corners) or the Selector Tool.

Note that if you change the aspect ratio of a rounded corner rectangle using the Selector Tool (by stretching it in one dimension only) the aspect ratio of the rounded corners is not stretched, it is maintained. However if you have multiple objects selected, or if you're stretching a group containing a rounded corner rectangle, the aspect ratio of the corners is not maintained.

TIP: When rotating rectangles or any shape with straight edges, hold down Ctrl to easily rotate so that one of the straight edges is exactly horizontal or vertical.


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