Copying/Pasting formatted text (RTF)

You can copy "rich text" (as it's sometimes known) from other applications such as word processors or editors and paste into Xara as text, and the fonts, margins, line spacing and text links will be preserved. This makes it dramatically easier to retain the style and appearance of your text.

When you paste "Rich Text Format" (RTF) from other applications you are given the choice of pasting the text in as "Unformatted text" which means it will appear in the font and style at the cursor where you paste, or "Rich Text Format", i.e. it will retain the style of the source text.

This also works the other way around. You can copy text in Xara and paste into other applications that support rich text editing and the style (font, size, colors, margins etc) will be retained. This will only work if you select and copy a single text object or from a single text flow.



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