Website font embedding

Most website documents use only 'web safe fonts', which are fonts that the vast majority of computers and other devices will have installed and so which can be safely used on any website. However you can use just about any font on a website providing the font permissions allow it, and Xara can automatically publish the font with your site in a way that means text using that font will appear correct to everyone viewing it, whether or not they already have that font installed.

To help your website load faster, only Western characters are included in the embedded font, unless your document uses other characters also.

When you export or preview a website document that uses fonts that aren't web safe, Xara will show you a warning, listing those fonts that will be embedded in your website. This helps to remind you that your site includes embedded fonts. You can also see which fonts a document is using, together with its permissions by viewing "File" > "Document info..." See Font permissions for more info.

Some fonts do not permit embedding in a document or website. Xara detects such fonts and will show you a separate alert if you attempt to use any such fonts in your website document. You should change to a different font that is either web safe, a Google font or a font that does permit embedding.


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