The Transparency Tool lets you specify how much of the underlying colors and objects appears through an object.


Transparency type


Bitmap name



Amount of transparency

You have control over the level of transparency from fully opaque to fully transparent. Xara goes further than other drawing packages by offering a wide range of different graduated transparencies.

You can apply flat and graduated transparency to all types of objects including bitmaps.

Some uses of transparency:

  • Simulating water or glass.
  • Anywhere you want objects to fade to parts of objects to fade or blend with the background. Clouds or mist-fractal transparencies are particularly good for this.
  • Using the special type of transparency you can lighten, darken and apply special effects to objects and photos.
  • Creating highlights and reflections.

The windshield is created with multiple overlaid objects with different transparency. The reflection is 100% opaque white in the center fading in an elliptical fashion.


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