Button margins

In this section we refer to the „margins" as being the spaces between the button label and the ends of the button. For stretchy buttons (those with the „Adjust button widths to labels" option switched on) this is determined by the master button from which you create the NavBar. By adjusting the margins on the master button, you set the margins for the other buttons in the bar, which are based on it.

The easiest way to change the margin on the first button is as follows:

  1. Open the NavBar dialog
  2. Turn off the Adjust button widths to labels option, so buttons don't stretch as label text is changed.
  3. Change the label on the master button (the first button unless you have multiple button designs in your NavBar – see later section). Choose any dummy label text which is the appropriate length to give you the margins you want on the master button.
  4. Turn the Adjust button widths to labels option back on again. All buttons get the same margins you set for the master button.
  5. Set the master button label text back to what it should be.

Original bar

Bar with a modified smaller margin

Bar with a modified larger margin

If your NavBar has different designs for the start/end (see below for how to achieve that), then the start and end designs have their own margins that can be controlled separately.


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