Importing from a website

You can import text and graphics directly from web pages on the Internet into your document, or copy and paste text and graphics directly from a web browser onto your page.

To import from an online web page:

  1. Choose "File" > "Import from Web address" (or "Ctrl + Alt + W").
  2. Type in the web address (URL) of the page or graphic you want to import.
  3. Click Import.

If the URL entered is that of a web page, all the text and images on that page will be imported and positioned on your page in approximately the same positions as they are on the web page. In other words, this function gives you a way to roughly import an entire web page in terms of its text and graphics. However note that most modern web pages are made up of a complex combination of text, graphics, JavaScript and other features, so such imports are unlikely to give you a complete and accurate representation of the page.

When importing from web pages, the length of your page in Xara will be automatically extended to accommodate the incoming text and graphics, if it is not already long enough.



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