Adding new presentation pages

Right click the pasteboard and choose New Page to add a new blank page or Duplicate Current Page to add a copy of the currently selected page.

Creating Number and Bullet lists

When you add bulleted or numbered lists to a presentation, each item on the list is automatically made into a separate presentation step when you export your presentation. This makes it much easier to create and edit animated list items. To add new list items just hit return at the end of one of the existing items. The transition effect used for each bullet point during the presentation is that set for the presentation layer on which the list resides (you cannot set different effects for different points in the same list).

To turn the feature off, right click in the text area while the Text Tool is selected, choose Presentation > Present by paragraph from the menu and deselect the option. Now when you export/preview your presentation the list is no longer split into separate steps.

To find out more about creating bulleted and numbered lists see Text Handling > Applying text appearances







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