Saving profiles

Profiles allow you to save a set of publish details on your computer, so you can quickly retrieve and use those settings again in future, without having to enter them again.

In the Profile drop-down list click the Save profile button and enter a suitable profile name. Now you can select the profile from the profile list at the top of the dialog, so you can use them in other documents without having to re-enter them. You can save a profile with either Xara Hosting/MOW settings, or FTP settings.

Note: You can delete a profile by selecting it in the Profile list and clicking the Delete button next to it.


Embedding Movies, GIF And Other Widgets

You can very easily embed movies, MP3 audio files, animated GIFs, PDFs, photo gallery and unlimited types of other interactive widgets on your website with Xara. See the Website Widgets chapter for details.

You can create your own GIF animations using Xara. See Animations for more details.


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