This site provides a comprehensive guide to your software, split into Getting Started and Product Support.  Plus there's an in-depth Knowledgebase, which provides quick answers to all the most common questions.

We also offer plenty of other sources of information & help from Xara and the Xara community that may be of use. Check out the many helpful movie and tutorial resources listed in Where can I find movies, guides and tutorials.

Also don't miss the help provided right within the program:

  • Status bar - Try reading the text on the status bar at the bottom of the main program window. It always describes what actions are currently possible and what they will do (even during drags), and helps you learn to use the tools. It also gives details of what buttons and controls do as you move the pointer over them. See Status Bar for more details.
  • Tooltips - If you hold the mouse pointer over a button or control for a short while, then a short message appears telling you what it does.
  • Menus - If you want to know what a menu item does, highlight it and press "F1".
  • Dialog boxes - If you want to know what a dialog box does or how to use it, click Help.
  • Movies - Use the menu option "Help" > "Movies" to view a list of available movies.

There are also popular Xara forums at TalkGraphics where you can ask other Xara users for advice or suggestions – available 24x7. You can also share tips and ideas, showcase your work or offer solutions to other users.

Tip: Document info

File > Document info displays information about the selected document such as its size and any fonts or plug-ins used. This is a good way to find out if you are missing a required font or plug-in that could prevent the document from displaying correctly.

Anything you type into the comment field is stored as part of the file. This comment is displayed whenever you display the document info dialog box.

Contacting Xara Support

If your question relates to Xara Designer Pro+, Web Designer+, Photo & Graphic Designer+ or Xara Cloud - the software currently available direct from Xara - you can contact Xara Support through the Intercom chat button on most pages at, or through our contact form at

Contacting Magix Support

If you have non-subscription versions of Designer Pro X, Web Designer Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer or products purchased from or supported by our retail partner Magix, you can contact Magix Support via the Magix Support Center. Also see here the Magix knowledgebase center.


For anything relating to Xara Hosting, you can contact the Magix team at


Check what version you have before contacting support:

In the program choose Help> About. This displays general information about the program. If you contact the support, you may be asked for this information.


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