Core Principles

In your animation you are likely to have some objects that remain static between key frames (i.e. no tweening is necessary) and other objects you will want to animate.

To tell Xara which objects you want to animate, it's necessary to give each object a name (via the Add Names button on the Selector Tool InfoBar).

For more information on naming objects, see section "Naming Objects" in the "Document Handling" chapter.

Here is an overview of the typical process to create a new animation from scratch, which this chapter will guide you through:

  1. Decide what size you would like your animation to be and set the page size accordingly (see "File" > "Page Options").
  2. Draw your first frame. Name the objects that you want to animate.
  3. Create a new key frame (usually done by copying the earlier frame).
  4. Move and transform the objects as required.
  5. Preview the results.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5.


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