Creating your own color schemes

It's very easy to create your own color scheme files, which you can pass on to other Xara Designer users for them to apply to designs created with the same theme.

  1. Load one of the page templates for the theme. Choose one which shows off all the colors of the theme most effectively. You can add more elements to the page if required, to help show off the range of theme colors.
  2. Edit the named colors of the theme one at a time, as described in the 'Editing named colors' section below.
  1. Once you are happy with your new color scheme, use "File" > "Save As" to save it. The filename you choose MUST include "themecolorscheme" as part of the filename. That is how Xara identifies color scheme files – just by looking for that sequence in the filename. It's a good idea to also include the name of the theme to which the scheme applies. For example a new blue color scheme for the "Beta" themeset could be named something like "betathemecolorschemeblue.web".

To test your color scheme, drag and drop it from File Explorer onto a page that still has the default theme colors. The page should be instantly re-colored using your color scheme.


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