Saving the document

This section covers saving in Xara's own format (native format). Refer to Importing and Exporting for details of exporting in other formats.

We recommend that you always save documents regularly. A complicated document may represent many hours of work and power failures or computer crashes always happen at just the wrong moment. Make sure you have the automatic backup facility turned on, so that regular backups are taken of your open documents as you work. See the Automatic Backups section below for details.

Save option (on the File menu)

("Ctrl + S", or click the Save button on the standard control bar.)

This provides a quick way to save a document using the same file name. The option is disabled unless the document has unsaved changes, i.e. you have made changes, but haven't saved them yet.

For a new document that has not been saved, this option acts like "Save as" (described below).

Save as (on the File menu)

This opens a dialog box letting you save the document under a different name or to a different directory. This option is useful for making backups of your Xara documents.

Save all (on the File menu)

This acts like a series of Save or Save As commands to save all currently open files.


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