Pushing the document within the window

The quickest and easiest way to move around the document is to use the middle mouse button (normally the mouse wheel) if you have one. Click and hold the middle button down and then move the mouse. Release the button to return to your previous tool.

To move the document within the window you can also:

  • Use the scroll bars and arrows at the side of the window.
  • Use the mouse wheel to scroll the document up and down ("Shift + mouse wheel" for left and right)

  • Or select the Push Tool from the main toolbar ("H").
  • Or press the space bar or "Alt + X" to toggle between the current tool and the Push Tool.
  • Or press and hold down the space bar or "Alt + X" to temporarily switch to the Push Tool (release key(s) to return to the previous tool). You can then use the mouse to drag the document around in the window.

The Push Tool InfoBar is the same as the Zoom Tool InfoBar (described in Changing the zoom value ).

Displaying the scroll bars is optional. Choose "Window" > "Bars" > "Scrollbars" to turn them off.

You can change the mouse wheel action between scrolling and zooming in "Utilities" > "Options" > "Mouse" or right click and choose "Page Options" > "Mouse". The opposite action is available then by pressing "Ctrl".


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