The Straight Line & Arrow tool

This tool makes it easy to draw single segment straight lines and to add arrow heads and tails to any lines in a way that is much easier and more powerful than doing the same thing with the Line Gallery.

Drawing & editing straight lines

Simply click and drag on the page to draw a straight line. You can click on any existing line to select it, and once selected you can click-drag on either end to move the end of the line around.

Adding arrowheads & tails

The InfoBar has two dropdown lists on the left which allow you to choose an arrow head or tail style for each end of the selected line.

Arrow head

Arrow tail

Arrow head/tail size

Reverse path

The slider on the InfoBar allows you to change the size of the arrow head and tail on the current selected line. Or you can enter a percentage value into the size text field to the right of the slider.

Enter a value less than 100% to reduce the size of the arrowhead (and tail), or greater than 100% to increase. Although the slider only takes the size value up to a maximum of 800%, you can enter percentage values larger than this into the size text field.

Reverse path

Press the Reverse path button on the InfoBar to switch around the head and tail of the selected line.



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