Page Size

You can set any page size you like by selecting the Page size tab of the Options dialog (right click > "Page Options" or choose Page Options from the File menu). The dialog offers a range of commonly used page sizes in the drop-down list, some intended for web use and others for print use. Or Choose the custom option to enter any other page size.

You can directly adjust the height and width of your page by just dragging on the bottom or right margin of the page. Go into the Selector Tool and hover the pointer over the bottom edge of the page, and it will change to indicate you can now drag resize the page up or down as required. This is normally only useful for web documents as print documents usually need a fixed paper size. You will be prompted to choose whether the change should apply to all the pages in the document or website, or just the current one.

Changing The Page Size of Templates

You can change the vertical size of the pre-designed web templates by just dragging on the bottom edge of the page. As you do this, footer objects will automatically stay with the bottom of the page and any background panels will stretch automatically also, so the page design is maintained for any page length.


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