Converting objects or drawings to bitmaps

You can easily create a bitmap from any object, or part of your drawing, including from other bitmaps. The bitmaps can be any size or resolution and can contain transparency. You can also create bitmaps with reduced numbers of colors which can be useful for web use.

To create a bitmap from objects:

  1. Select the object/s on the page.
  2. Right click and choose Create Bitmap Copy or choose Create bitmap copy from the Arrange menu ("Ctrl + Shift + C").
  3. In the dialog box, select the color depth, the size and other options.

For maximum quality select a color depth of true color, or if you want transparency to be included select "true color + alpha" (alpha transparency is the technical term). You can create bitmaps with fewer colors by selecting a color depth of 256 colors or less. This also provides control over the dithering and palette options. These options are described in the section on exporting bitmaps.

Note this always creates PNG images, which are the highest quality image type. However for full color photo purposes, these require a lot of memory and file space. Use the optimize photo option to convert PNG images into embedded JPEG images to reduce the file size.


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