Common photo functions

The following buttons are available on the InfoBar when you are in the Enhance, Clip, Red eye or Content-aware scaling photo tools.

Rotate by 90° controls

The two rotate icons will rotate the selected photo or photos by 90 degrees anti-clockwise or clockwise.


Previous & Next

When you 'open' a photo using Xara the photo is loaded into a new Photo Document, because Xara assumes you want to edit or view the photo itself rather than use it as part of a drawing or other document. When you've opened a photo you can use the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons on the Photo Tool InfoBar to close the current photo document and open the next (or previous) photo in the same folder as the current photo. This allows you to browse through the photos in a folder, without having to open and close each one individually. If you've made any unsaved changes to the photo you'll be asked if you want to save the changes when you press previous or next.

See Photo Handling for more information on Photo Documents.


Zoom 1:1

Select a photo and click the Zoom 1:1 button.

The Zoom to 1:1 adjusts the zoom so that the selected image is shown at full size, which is where each pixel of the image is mapped to each screen pixel. Use this option if you want to work on a photo at full size in a document where you have scaled the photo down.


Scale photo to 100%

The Scale photo to 100% operation takes the currently selected photo and scales it to its full size. It also puts the photo onto the pixel grid.

So for example if the selected photo is scaled down to 500 pixels wide, but the original imported photo was 1000 pixels wide, the photo on the page will be scaled up to 1000 pixels wide. When the document zoom is 100%, that means that each pixel of the image is mapped to each screen pixel.


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