Photo Heal tool

Use the Photo Heal tool to instantly remove unwanted objects and artifacts from your photos.

Select the tool and then choose a nib size from the InfoBar.

See the Shape Painter tool for a more detailed explanation of nib size.

Simply position the nib over the over the area you want to heal and then click. Select larger areas by click-dragging over them and then releasing the mouse button to perform the erase.

Just select the tool and click on any blemish - it's instantly removed.

If you are not satisfied with the results then click the Magic erase button on the InfoBar to generate alternative results. You can compare different results by shuttling backwards and forwards using the Undo/Redo buttons or else using Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y on the keyboard.

The 'patches' created by the Heal Tool are compatible with the Photo Clone Tool, so if you switch to the Clone Tool you will see all your patches shown with a dashed outline. So you can select and delete or re-generate (using the magic erase button) any of the patches.




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