Auto correction

Click on the Spell Checker / auto correction icon on the Text Tool InfoBar, to use the auto correction feature. Select Auto correction options... from the dropdown menu.

A dialog will open allowing you to add and replace words as well as keyboard symbols with symbols from the symbol catalog. The feature is always on by default but you can turn it off within the dialog.

There is a selection of useful items already listed, and you can add your own. Click on Add to create a new field and then type a word or a character in the Replace column, then click in the With column to either type a replacement, or click on Pick Symbol to choose a replacement from the symbol catalog. The symbol you've chosen appears in the With column. Close the dialog by clicking OK.

Now when you type a word or character listed in the options it will be replaced with your alternative word, character or symbol.

So for example if you want to be able to type "Rwd" and have that instantly replaced with "Responsive Web Design", simply press the Add button and enter "rwd" in the Replace field, and "responsive web design" in the With field. All text in the dialog is forced to lower case but the replacement tries to be smart about use of case.

So if you type...

  • "RWD" will be replaced with "RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN"
  • "rwd" will be replaced with "responsive web design"
  • "Rwd" will be replaced with "Responsive Web Design"


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