Copying text appearances

It's easy to copy the style of any text to any other region of text using the Paste format/attributes feature:

  • Select the source region from where you want to copy the style. This can be as little as a word (just double click).
  • Select "Edit" > "Copy" ("Ctrl + C").
  • Select the region of text to which you want to apply the style.
  • Select "Edit" > "Paste format/attributes" ("Shift + Ctrl + A").

If you just have the text cursor positioned in some text when you Paste format/attributes the paragraph attributes will be pasted to this paragraph.

If you have a region of text selected, then Paste format/attributes will paste all the visual attributes of the source text.

Applying attributes to whole text stories

When you have the cursor in a simple or column text object, pressing "Esc" will select the whole text object. You can then apply an attribute, say a color, and the whole text object is altered. This is often quicker than performing "Select all" ("Ctrl + A").

With text areas this method only works if all text areas of the story are selected. You can do this in the Selector Tool clicking and "Shift + clicking" on the different text areas to select them. But this method is only possible if the text areas are on a single page. If your text story flows over several pages and you want to change all the text, then it's necessary to "Select all" ("Ctrl + A"), and then apply the required attributes.


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