Text along a curve

To place text along a curve of your choice:

  1. Create either basic text, text in a column or a text area (see above).
  2. Select your text object and one curve.
  3. Choose "Arrange" > "Fit text to curve".

Alternatively, select a curve or line and then in the Text Tool, click on the line, where you want the text to start, and type. This automatically fits the text along the line. When you reach the end of the line the text will wrap onto a new line, immediately below the start of the previous one.

If you do not want the text to wrap to a new line, "Shift + click" on the line.

To hide the curve so it's not visible, select the Shape Tool and set the line color to No color or a width of None. You can also edit the curve as usual this way.

Applying color is described in Color handling.

Adjusting the left and right margin of text on a curve

If you just start typing or place a column of text on a curve, you can change the start and end position of the red handles. Just drag them along the curve as required. If you center text it will be between these two margins.

Swapping sides of the line

Right click on the text and select the Reverse text on curve menu option.

Alternatively, if you reverse the direction of the line (Shape Tool, Reverse paths button on the InfoBar), then the text will move to the other side of the line or, in the case of a closed shape, move from the inside to the outside of the shape.


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