Text inside groups for websites

When a document is exported as a website, all groups get exported as images. So any text inside groups can't be selected and copied as text by a visitor to your site.

For graphical buttons, headings, logos etc. this is usually desirable as the text just forms part of the graphic. But you may have more substantial pieces of text inside groups which you want to remain as text in your exported web page. To arrange this, all you need to do is apply the special name "HTMLText" to your text object. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

  1. Go into the Text Tool and click on your text to insert the text cursor.
  2. Press escape so that the whole text object becomes selected.
  3. Open the Name dialog ("Utilities" > "Names...").
  4. Either select the "HTMLText" name from the "Apply name" dropdown list if you've already used it in the current document, or type in the name "HTMLText". Then click "Add" to add the name.

Now, when you export your website, your text will remain as text and the rest of the group will be converted to an image. All the text panels provided inElements already have this name applied to the text objects inside them, so the text on the panels will export as text.

Browsers can't render rotated text, so you can't use this name to force rotated text to be exported as text. The name is ignored in this case.


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