Exporting a Website

To save your website, that is the HTML and associated files for publishing to the web, use "File" > "Export Website" or click this button on the top bar.

This saves a .htm file for each page and a folder alongside these which contains all the graphic files that make up your website.

When you export a website with multiple pages, all the pages are exported together, and each page has _1, _2 ... appended to the end of the name you give when you export. The _files folder contains all the graphics and other files that go to make up your website. You can name each page individually if you wish using the Page tab of the Web Properties dialog, or using the Page & Layer Gallery.

The default name given to your website is index.htm as this is the usual name for the first page of a website.

You can preview your saved website in any web browser, by dragging the index.htm (or any .htm) file from your Windows File Explorer onto a browser window.


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