You can replace any photo by dragging and dropping it from your File Explorer onto any photo in Xara Designer. If you drop it onto the background then it is imported and placed where you dropped it. Photos larger than 500 pixels wide will be displayed at 500 pixels wide, but you can of course change this to be any size in the usual way with the Selector Tool.

There is also the option of importing stock photos from the Online Content Catalog. You can either browse the catalog from the File menu. "File" > "New From Content Catalog". Or you can replace a photo by right-clicking on the photo in your document, and then choosing "Replace photo" > "With Stock Photo" from the context menu.

Drag and drop your photo over any existing picture to replace it. Drop onto the background to import as a new photo.

When you replace an existing photo, the Photo Tool is selected and the smartphoto adjustment handles appear on the photo.

You can use the adjustment handles to rotate and scale the picture, move it within its outline frame, resize the frame and even round its frame edges.




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