Theme color schemes

Many of the web themes offered in the include alternative color schemes which can easily be applied to websites which use the same theme, to transform the color scheme instantly. The color schemes are normally found in Elements in each theme under Website Themes, after all the page layouts and separate graphic elements that make up the theme. They all have "Color scheme" in their titles in Elements, so they are easily identified.

To apply a color scheme to your website, simply drag the scheme from Elements and drop it on your page. You can try applying the color schemes of one theme to a website created from the templates of another theme. But you will get mixed results doing this and some schemes will not work acceptably with some themes. So for best results stick to the color schemes of the theme that you used to create the site.

One of the color schemes provided with each theme matches the default colors used by that theme. This allows you to easily return to the original colors if you prefer, after experimenting with the alternate schemes.

Of course you don't need to use the provided color schemes to re-color your website. You can customize the theme colors yourself and choose a combination of colors that you think work well together. See "Editing named colors".

You can also create your own custom color schemes, see Creating your own color schemes


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