Widgets from Elements/Designs Gallery

Third party widgets offer a great way to extend the capability of your website, and you can find a wide selection in the Components folder and the Modular Websites > Web Blocks folder in Elements and The Designs Gallery , including e-commerce, forms, appointment managers, chat bots, photo slideshows and photo hovers, social media, video and many more.

To add a widget to your site, import it from Elements or drag and drop it from the Designs Gallery. What happens next depends on the type of widget. If it's a Web Editable Widgets (all widgets in Web Blocks and most widgets in Components), a browser window will open to allow you to configure the widget on the widget provider's website. If it's a Locally Editable Widgets (some widgets within Components) a placeholder image will appear on your page, when you double click on the placeholder a new document opens within Designer which allows you to customize the widget.


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