Using template Navigation bars

Elements / Designs Gallery contain a wide range of template Navigation bars for you to use. There are both horizontal and vertical bars and they are fully customizable. To add a new NavBar to your page, simply import a bar design from Elements or drag and drop it from the Designs Gallery. You can replace an existing bar by dropping the new one onto it, or select your existing NavBar and doubleclick a new NavBar in the Designs Gallery – the new bar takes on all the button labels, links and menus of the bar it replaces.

When you chooose a new bar you may be prompted to match the color scheme of the document if the bar does not have the same color scheme. You can also use the Color replacement feature to change the bar's colors - all without having to ungroup the bar into its constituent objects. Just select the bar and click a color on the color line, or bring up the color editor and choose the color you want to edit from the color dropdown list.

See Theme color schemes for more about editing color themes, and look at Replacing colors to see how to easily customize colors.


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