The indicators

These appear on the right of the status line under the workspace:

Live drag indicator

This indicator shows whether live drag is active or not (it is active by default). Double click the indicator to toggle live drag on/off. When active, if you reposition, resize, or rotate an object, the whole object moves (not just an outline), making it far easier to judge the effect of your edits in real time. Drawing in the Freehand, Straight Line, Quickshape, Rectangle and Ellipse Tools is also live with this option on. If your computer is unable to cope with a particularly complex document, it will automatically turn active drag off to ensure editing remains fast and efficient.

Snapped indicator

This indicator is active when Snap to objects is enabled. Click the Snap to objects button (shown left) to toggle off and on. Snap to objects allows you to see potential snapping paths and points relative to other objects and the page center and edges by showing blue snapping lines for snapping paths and red dots for points as you drag an object. For more information on snapping, refer to "Object Handling".



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