How can Xara help with my SEO

Xara Web Designer and Designer Pro offer the tools you need for great SEO.

Check out our On-page SEO article in the Xara blog for our top SEO tips, and how you can use Xara to help improve that all-important page rank.

Here's some further info that will help you check some of the must-dos mentioned in the blog:

  • Make sure you set up a website title and descriptions that features your keywords - or better still set them page by page. You can do so in the Page and Website tabs of the Web Properties Dialog.
  • Optimize your images. Smaller images mean faster loading pages and that leads to better page rank. Xara supports both SVG export and the new WebP format to help with that:
    • Modern web browsers offer great support for SVG, so since 21.6 we've been steadily building the types of graphical object that Xara automatically exports to the web as SVG - make sure you have v 21.6 or later installed. 
    • Support for the WebP File Format (a new high-quality, small-size web image format from Google) was added in v21.2.
  • Use image file names and Alt Text that feature your keywords. You can set these for selected photos in the Image tab of the Web Properties Dialog.

Another recommendation is to create a Sitemap for you site, particularly if your site is new, very large or image heavy. A Sitemap consists of a list of pages belonging to your website and is used by search engines to find the pages within your site, improving the chances of an early and/or more complete listing. See our article: How do I create a Sitemap?

And a couple of bonus tips:

  • You can set canonical tags to avoid the potential SEO damage caused by 'duplicate content'. Just make sure you enter the URL you want to set as canonical - the one search engines index - in the Website URL field of the Web Host Settings dialog when you publish, see Publishing via FTP.
  • We also recommend you set up an Open Graph title, description and image for your site - this gives you control over what's displayed when you share your link on Social Media. You can set this up in the Open Graph tab of the Web Properties Dialog.

Don't forget to add Google Analytics tracking to your site so you can measure your progress!  See Can I add Google Analytics tracking to my website?



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