Web Properties Dialog

The Web properties dialog is a multi-tabbed dialog which allows you to add and configure most of the web related features in Xara Designer Pro or Web Designer, and set different web properties on objects, on pages and on your whole website. Open it by right clicking an object and choosing Web Properties or by using the "Utilities" > "Web properties…" menu option (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + W).

The dialog is modeless, so you can leave it open while you select different pages and objects in your document. This makes it easy to quickly set properties on different objects and pages in your website. Use the OK button to apply your changes and close the dialog, or the Apply button to apply your changes without closing.

Note that when you have an animation design as your current document, the Web Properties dialog appears in a modified form, with some controls different and many others disabled because they don't apply to animations. Refer to Animations for information about using this dialog with animation designs.

Many of the tabs of the Web Properties dialog can also be accessed using the buttons on the Web Properties flyout bar, available on the Website toolbar.

Web Properties Flyout Bar

Link Tab

Website Tab

Page Tab

Image Tab

Mouse-over properties (part of the Web Animation dialog)

Placeholder Tab

Web Animation dialog

Web Sticky/Stretchy dialog

Publish Tab

Analytics Tab

Edit NavBar



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