Photo Heal Tool

Photo Heal Tool

The Photo Heal Tool was introduced in version 9 and can be used to erase small spots, scratches and blemishes from photos.

How do I use the Photo Heal Tool

Select the tool and then choose a nib size from the InfoBar. Position the nib over the over the area you want to heal and then click. Select larger areas by click-dragging over them and then releasing the mouse button to perform the erase.

What do I do if I don't like the photo healing results?

Click the Magic erase button on the infobar to generate alternative results. You can compare different results by shuttling backwards and forwards using the Undo/Redo buttons or else using Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y on the keyboard.

Tip: It’s best to paint a healing area that’s slightly larger than the item you want to erase, so it knows the type of background it has to synthesize.

Does the Photo Heal tool alter my original image?

The Photo Healing operation is a non-destructive operation. The ‘healing patches’ remain as editable shapes ‘inside’ the photo. In the Selector, Healing, Clone and Photo Enhance tools you can Ctrl+click on the patch to select and then edit this, for instance delete it, change its brightness levels, do another Magic Erase or turn it into a manual clone object. One of the most useful reasons for wanting to do this is to use the feather tool to adjust the blending of the edge.

What's the easiest way to see the 'healing patches' applied to a photo?

Set the View Quality control on the top tool bar   to it's minimum value to easily see various editing patches that have been applied to the photo.

Can I see the examples of the Photo Healing Tool?

View examples

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